Apple Specialists

For 15 Years we have been building our experience working with Apple® Hardware & Software , from pure Mac networks to integrating mixed Apple® and PC Networks. Our Experience allows us to provide comprehensive support for Apple® systems including hardware repairs and legacy maintenance. Our clients for this often include Graphic Designers, Photographers, Video Production studios and Advertising Agencies. Our Engineers are fully familiar with common applications from Adobe Creative Suite to Apple Final Cut Pro and Enfocus workflow and processing products. Contact us today for one off support or an ongoing agreement for your Apple® devices. We can even work with your current IT provider if you wish to keep the PC end managed by another provider.

IoT Devices

Everything is connected these days ( Have you seen the Griffin Connected Toaster ) . While these devices are supposed to make life easier , connecting them to your network can often be a challenge, especially if your network isn’t just a single wireless modem. At IMES we are constantly training and researching to provide support to an ever connecting world. We provide support and installation services for residential devices such as Nest® Thermostats, camera’s and smoke detectors, Honeywell evohome® heating controls, Ring® Doorbells, Comelit® connected intercoms and SONOS® connected speakers. On a commercial scale we provide installation support and infrastructure consultancy for connected weighing scales, POS terminals, Barcode scanners, 3D Printers and too many others to list. Contact us today to see how IMES can help.


Managed IT SUpport & Consulting

It doesn’t matter if its 2 users or 2000 users. IMES along with partners can look after your existing infrastructure, co-ordinate an upgrade or migration or design a completely new workflow for your business. Our multi vendor solutions focussed approach means we can supply and support multiple vendors offerings to best suit your business. We have partnerships with large vendors like Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and Symantec to ensure we can provide competitive pricing and a tailored solution to match your exact requirements. Unlike other companies we employ a user suitability approach where solutions are tailored to making employees more efficient using their current skill set or providing on site training to get employees used to any new changes required. Contact us today to see how IMES can help.

legacy device support

Is there a device in your business that is just not supported anymore, by anyone. Is it too costly or too mission critical to replace ? We may be able to help. We have the expertise to integrate legacy systems with your modern infrastructure and keep your business moving. In previous cases we have had virtual machines run serial CNC machinery over modern networks, have built tools to migrate 3b2 articles to Adobe InCopy, Have supplied and fitted parts for 1980s Apple® 2GS computers. We have upgraded the display from CRT to a larger lcd panel on a CNC cutter. If its possible, IMES can achieve what other IT companies often call ‘impossible’. Call us today to see how IMES can help.

event it support

Just because your office only lasts three days, doesn’t mean you don’t need support. IMES provides event infrastructure consultancy, power load provision and calculation on hand ‘just in case’ support and mobile connectivity rental for events of any size from a corporate event or small village fair to internationally known music festivals and golf tournaments. IMES has the capability to offer on demand support in tight timeframes to ensure production runs smoothly, the crew has connectivity and credit card terminals remain functional. Call us today to see what IMES can do for your event.