About IMES

Stephen Church, Company Founder.

Stephen Church, Company Founder.

providing excellent service since 2004

Founded in 2004, IMES has been providing excellent customer service, cutting edge products and invaluable experience to clients from Ireland and overseas. We began providing home computer repairs but have aquired cutting edge knowledge and experience in corporate infrastructure and networks, IoT (Internet of Things) Technologies, workflow and solutions optimisation acting as a value added reseller for many of the top brands in the industry. Our wide ranging corporate portofilo ensures that any business case or requirement no mater how niche or obscure can be catered for. Partnering with other firms we act as both white label to IT service firms and installation providers and utilise other partners competencies to ensure we can deliver in a cost effective, scalable, managed Full-Service Solutions for our clients. Call Us today to see how IMES can help.


Core competencies

  • Corporate Networks & Infrastructure

  • SME IT Support

  • Solutions Design and Consulting

  • Legacy Solutions Integration

client profile

  • Over 85 Clients in 5 countries

  • Partners in Ireland, UK, USA, Finland, Germany

  • Typical Clients are 8-500 users

  • Trusted Providers with full NDA Compliance